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Tarot A Healing Tool In Modern Times is a step on how to use your subconscious mind to remove mental blocks and find yourself blessed in countless ways

The purpose behind Tarot: A Healing Tool in Modern Times is to highlight the fact that everyday, human mind needs to find and remove bottled and trapped negative emotions from within and from others, as most of the time, one does not know they are damaging themselves and their loved ones relations due to lack of communication and misunderstandings created due to ego, fear and jealousy. Bottled emotions could create depression, anxiety and other unwanted feelings that you can not seem to shake. They can interfere with the functioning of your body’s organs and tissues, wreaking havoc on your physical health, causing pain, fatigue and illness causing diseases. You need to let the clutter of the previous day be removed and trashed, for a better life, filled with love, abundance and joy. The books is a within journey to realise and train the mind that the real power is inside you and tarot is just a tool to help you make this journey about creating and acting on skills steps to achieve what you are truly destined for. Change your thoughts and Transform your life. Remember positive attracts positive... choose to believe good is happening.
Love & Light

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