Healing Touch

Learn Something New Every Day

Discover about yourself with ShivAni’s Healing Touch Tarot Deck. I feel that working with the Tarot- everyday results in building confidence and focus to taps into a larger reservoir of creative inspiration. I have to admit I’m still a learner when it comes to Tarot. It was always a fun tool to self-reflection when I was younger, but since I created my deck ShivAni’s Healing Touch I’ve definitely deepened my practice. I now try to really connect with the cards several times a week, both as a reader- as someone looking for that connection to Universal energy- and also as the creator of this deck- to keep checking in and making notes about how the cards are working and feeling, so I can make slight improvements to them to improve their use for myself and others using the deck.

After the initial research, I have to say that most cards I had an immediate reaction to how I wanted to interpret the material in my own way, and the artwork came quickly to me. I drew all the artwork by charcoal , screen printed them at double size, then scanned in the artwork and added text, borders, and numbering digitally. I prefer to work in that way- combining the high-tech with hand drawing, because I appreciate the quality of the hand that can never be perfectly replicated by a computer. I wanted to cards to be very obviously hand-drawn, not to feel too slick. This deck is a step to face your fears and overcome challenges with practical solutions to make surrounding of everyday happy and peaceful.

I wish that your ambitions spring from your highest understanding and may you all meditate to concentrate on your goals and dreams and create a better future for generations to come.